President’s Message


Welcome to the Yorkville University Alumni Community website.

Your experiences studying at Yorkville University were engaging and fulfilling.  Your participation in the Alumni Community will be just as rewarding.  And there’s more:  Not only will your Alumni Community be rigorous and responsive in its reach and services, but also it will be unique:  Unlike alma maters across the country, Yorkville University will never ask you for a donation.

We will, however, ask you to participate in your Alumni Community and to advance the University’s positioning as Canada’s national university.  This website provides insights and opportunities about how you might contribute to this vision.  You can be a mentor, participate in online and on-campus events, build a social media presence and provide feedback and suggestions.

Yorkville University is a teaching university; its mission is to provide practitioner-oriented professional degrees and diplomas. Its reputation and profile will be built on the contributions and achievements of you and your fellow alumni.   On behalf of all the faculty and staff and students at Yorkville University, I wish you great success.

Rick Davey, Ed.D.




The Yorkville University Alumni Community was established in 2016, for the purpose of facilitating an ongoing positive and mutually empowering relationship between graduates of Yorkville University, and their alma mater. 

The goal of the Yorkville Alumni Community is to create a supportive and involved alumni organization; to inspire meaningful engagement, and to advance Yorkville University and its graduates. 

The Yorkville Alumni Office is committed to assisting graduates in reaching their personal and professional goals, through the sharing of stories of triumph, challenge and success, and by maintaining a responsive and engaged presence throughout graduates’ careers and beyond. 

Together, we will create a supportive, involved and exceptional Alumni Community. 

Reach out to your alumni office anytime, at [email protected].


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